Biography Samuel is a singer with extensive academic and autodidactic background. He is both a poet of the song and an artist who knows how to sing the beauty of life and nature. Influences of rock, folk, bossa nova, amongst others, make his well-known style in the music scene. Samuel Arderiu is a prolific and versatile musician who is constantly searching for new paths and styles.

To him each song has a different character – from sensual, refined poetry to deep, forceful criticism. Samuel is a poet and a very committed artist. His poetry is spiritual with a strong prophetic quality, but at the same time with a renewal characteristic. Samuel is a peculiar artistic personage, a vital man whose nature is somewhat mystical, yet with strong human content. He feels home in many fields: theater, dance, music, etc.

With a clear definition of the path he is following, his maturity and experience make him an important personality of the current Catalan music scene.

Samuel is a poet of a new era, a renovating and transforming figure who is committed to changing our society – through songs. Samuel made his first steps as a musician together with his father. Since young he was very interested in rock, blues and jazz. He followed several paths, until he realized that music should be very close to people – and thus he began to sing on streets and squares. Guitar in hand, he played in his homeland Catalan villages: Figueres, Roses, Cadaqués, etc.

Today Samuel Arderiu is a professional musician performing at many different concert halls.

Mastery over language and poetry endorse this Catalan promising poet. It seems as if in his poetry Samuel is able to harmoniously connect the finest voices of Catalan literary tradition. However, Samuel Arderiu also tells us in his poems that landscape is essentially identifiable with mankind.


Samuel Arderiu Català

Poetry is love, it is light and dark. Music generates tears and joy, while deeply invading our spirit. The poetry and songwriting of Samuel Arderiu create feelings and experiences that enable us to contemplate life – away from daily wordly ordinariness. They create a space where life is interpreted not only through the eyes but also through the heart.

Samuel’s allegorical, light and rhythmic music makes simultaneously perceive and interpret the essence of existence. It is a cry, a shout arose from the more intimate space of the individual. A few simple arrangements can provoke a sensitive shock, an exclamation, a cry of joy, a feeling of love.

Surrounded by the grace of Gods, Samuel invokes and combines perceptions full of imaginative associations. He is a song poet, a being intensely rooted in life, as well as a sensitive artist who in addition to knowledge of poetic language and music has the gift of intelligence and sensitivity. Samuel is thus a being in constant confrontation with its own existence. Samuel Arderiu is a beating heart, a spiritual human being who sings and cries, a dream in which all the sensitive content of the individual becomes the essence of his music.

Jordi Rodríguez-Amat

Samuel Arderiu espigó